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This album features a whole range of artists and bands, many of whom have featured on Mark Whitby’s Dandelion Radio and others who will no doubt do so in the future. All of them deserve to be heard by a wider audience and hopefully this release will go some way towards achieving that.

The album is also dedicated to the Russian band Pussy Riot, whose members were jailed for two years for the ‘crime’ of protesting against Russian president Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox church. Although one of the three members has now been released, the others remain incarcerated and all of those involved in this album support the campaign to secure their freedom. credits released 20 December 2012 All tracks have been kindly donated by the artists, bands and labels listed, with all proceeds going to, Any money you opt to donate will go towards supporting Pussy Riot’s campaign for justice and to supporting their familes while they’re in jail. Please feel free to grab the album for nothing and donate directly if you prefer.

Artwork by Dirk Peach.
Album name inspired by Pindar’s Apes.