Change EP

BLM0078 – Released on 26th March 2013 through Black Lantern Music

Black Lantern are proud to present an EP of dubstep tracks by Edinburgh-based producer and ABAGA Records founder Tactus, sticking to the heavy bass and 2-step beats laid down by the original innovators of first-wave dubstep.

The skanking rhythms of Change are complimented by the luscious vocals of singer Rebecca Mason, swathed in tripped-out reverb and swelling, pulsing filters.

Dancing Bruise features a throbbing, skittering bassline over a full-throttle garage rhythm, breaking down into skanking reggae patterns in the bridge.

The stunning Buleriass Shake is utterly original, melding the complex time signatures and subtle guitar flourishes of Spanish traditional music with upfront dubstep.

Closer Shake Service is ital dubstep in its purest form, a skanking rhythm with plucked guitar and bass, and supremely dubbed-out drops.

Dubstep with the emphasis on dub and omnipresent 2-step rhythms – recorded in 2009/10, these tracks are Tactus’ riposte to empty-headed brostep and creatively bankrupt trap.